Mid-Atlantic Bio Conference Takes On Hottest Topics in Biotechnology

Sep 14, 2012

Mid-Atlantic Bio Conference Takes On Hottest Topics in Biotechnology

Personalized Medicine, Rare Diseases, Regenerative Medicine, Food Safety & Security To Be Discussed

Bethesda, Maryland (September 14, 2012) – Science is moving at a break-neck speed.  People are living longer, healthier lives thanks to new biomedical and agricultural breakthroughs, and there’s more to come!  Attendees at the Mid-Atlantic Bio Conference, taking place September 27 and 28 in Bethesda, MD, will have a unique opportunity to listen to the experts debate the next hot topics in biotechnology, including developing and commercializing treatments for orphan diseases, new technologies to improve our food safety and security, novel funding sources for early-stage companies, and recent revisions to U.S. patent law.

“As biomedical research has advanced, much of what was considered science fiction a decade ago is becoming reality today,” said Sara Nayeem, M.D., a Principal at the venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates and a member of the Conference Steering Committee.  “We are finally beginning to see real advances in areas such as regenerative medicine, immunotherapy, gene therapy and personalized medicine, spurred in part by advances in next-generation sequencing and other technologies.  New products and therapies emerging from these efforts have the potential to address a host of diseases in a more targeted manner, with new and potentially safer mechanisms of action.”

“The Mid-Atlantic Bio Conference is excited to be able to provide our attendees with such a content-rich 2-day program and also direct access to experts in research and development, regulatory issues, intellectual property, and pharmaceutical commercialization,” added Jeffrey M. Gallagher, Virginia Bio Interim Executive Director.

Three of these sessions, led by industry thought-leaders, include: 

Succeeding in Rare Diseases: A Collaborative Approach

Orphan products can often deliver life-saving therapies where no other option previously existed.  Panelists will discuss recent regulatory changes, combined with the ever-increasing environment in which reimbursement will be limited to the most innovative products, create both traps and opportunities.  Our experts will also examine successful orphan products, which require expertise, new relationships and novel strategies allowing the potential to generate significant financial returns.


Tim Cote, CMO, NORD, and former Director OOPD
Ros Cheetham, M.D., Vice president, Medicine Development Leader, Rare Diseases, GSK
Anne Pariser, M.D., Associate Director for Rare Diseases, Rare Disease Program, Office of New Drugs, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, FDA


Regenerative Medicine:  Breakthroughs in Business Models and Technology

Building on years of scientific advances, the business of bringing the promise of regenerative medical science to the clinic and marketplace is making strides and reaching milestones.  Leaders in the business and science of stem cells and regenerative medicine identify breakthrough companies, technologies and products, discuss what is working and what is up ahead.

Moderator:  Brian A. Pollok, Ph.D. Principal, Rapidan BioAdvisors


Curt I. Civin, M.D., Associate Dean for Research, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Director, Center for Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine
Mahendra S. Rao, Director, NIH Intramural Center for Regenerative Medicine.
Thomas Fellner, Ph.D., Director, Innovation, Pluripotent Stem Cell Technologies, Lonza
Michael Werner, Executive Director, Alliance for Regenerative Medicine


Personalized Medicine in Oncology and Beyond: Advances in Defining and Treating Patient Sub-populations

Developing targeted therapeutics is a key goal in oncology today, as genomic advances have accelerated our ability to pinpoint the driving mutations in individual tumors.  In some cases, biomarkers have also allowed us to monitor responses of cancer patients to therapy. Experts from pharma, diagnostics/biomarkers, and academia will explore the challenges and opportunities inherent in defining and developing targeted therapies for genetically-defined sub-populations.

 Moderator: Judy Britz, Ph.D., Executive Director, Maryland Biotechnology Center


Sonia Pearson-White, Ph.D., Scientific Program Manager for Oncology, Inflammation and Immunity, The Biomarkers Consortium, Foundation for the National Institutes of Health
Eric Hedrick, M.D.,  Chief Medical Officer, Epizyme
Antony Newton, Chief Commercial Officer, Personal Genome Diagnostics Personalized Medicine
Isaac Bright, M.D., VP, Corporate Development, bioTheranostics


Transformative Technologies to Ensure Food Safety and Security

Join a panel of experts to hear the latest science and related issues in food safety and how these issues might be addressed; current topics in food safety policy and regulation, in particular any barriers that exist and potential solutions or work arounds; type of research that is occurring and the role that research plays in enhancing food safety; and the local versus global perspective.

Moderator: Kara Cooper, Ph.D. Senior Scientist, Global Health and Security, MRI Global

Thomas S Hammack, Acting Director, Division of Microbiology, FDA
Douglas White, CEO, Opgen, Inc.
Janie Dubois, Ph.D.,  Manager, International Food Safety Training Laboratory at University of Maryland
Ted Olsen, President and CEO, PathSensors, Inc.

About Mid-Atlantic Bio
Mid-Atlantic Bio – taking place September 27-28 in Bethesda, Md. – is one of the country’s premier biotech conferences for senior-level executives, policymakers, academia, financiers, media and service providers. Its proximity to the US government, federal labs, commercial research and development, academic centers of excellence and a growing investment community, make it a uniquely valuable venue for those in the life sciences community. First launched as an industry gathering at the Academies of Science, the conference is a joint initiative of the founding host organizations: the Mid-Atlantic Venture Association, the Virginia Biotechnology Association, and the Tech Council of Maryland. The Conference is also pleased to welcome the North Carolina Biotechnology Centeras a strategic partner for 2012. For more information, please visit midatlanticbio.org.

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