Event Policies

General Attendee and Applicant Policies

The conferee’s registration will not be processed until full payment is received by MID-ATLANTIC BIO. The Mid-Atlantic Bio Coalition (MID-ATLANTIC BIO) reserves the right in its sole discretion to decline any registrant or applicant for any reason, including the right to determine eligibility for individuals to register in the defined categories.  All registration fees must be paid in advance of the event. Please note that submission of a registration via phone, fax, or online obligates the sender or attendee to pay the registration fee within 7 days of submission or at the conference start, whichever is earlier. Registration fees cover all conference materials, access to specified presentations, conference-related meals, general receptions, and entertainment.

Attendee Cancellation and Substitution Policy:

Cancellations and substitutions must be submitted to MID-ATLANTIC BIO either by fax to 703-442-8336 or by email to info@midatlanticbio.org.

Cancellations: Mid-Atlantic Bio will refund 100% of the registration fee for cancellations received by MID-ATLANTIC BIO in writing by August 27, 2010 less a $65 administrative processing fee . After this date, until September 24, 2010, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded, less a $65 administrative processing fee. Refunds for cancellations will be made within 30 days from notification. No refunds or credits, in whole or in part, will be issued for cancellations received after September 24, 2010 or to registrants who do not attend all or any portion of the conference.

Coverage of Registration: Registrations are for the duration of the full one and one half day conference-no ticket sharing among days is permitted nor are single day passes offered.  If any registrant is found to be sharing tickets, that attendee will be charged a second registration fee to cover the costs of a second registration.

Substitutions: Should you be unable to attend Mid-Atlantic Bio, you may transfer your registration in its entirety to another member of your company with approval from MID-ATLANTIC BIO. Transfer requests must be received in writing by MID-ATLANTIC BIO 5 business days prior to the first day of the conference. If you are unable to meet this deadline, your substitute must bring your registration confirmation letter to the MID-ATLANTIC BIO onsite registration location to receive your conference materials and admission pass. Transfers will NOT be accepted onsite without receipt of this letter.

Presenting Company Fees

The selection process for presenting companies is only final when full payment of the conference fee is received by MID-ATLANTIC BIO. Selected presenters will be invited to present at the conference via email notification from MID-ATLANTIC BIO and are required to remit their conference fees to MID-ATLANTIC BIO by October 15, 2009. MID-ATLANTIC BIO will assume acceptance of the invitation to present at the MID-ATLANTIC BIO conference by the invited party unless otherwise notified by the submitting entrepreneur or company contact in writing within 3 business days of the issuance of the invitation. Selected presenters that DECLINE the invitation to participate at within 3 business days of notification will NOT be assessed any conference fee.

Presenter conference fees cover all preparatory meetings, conference materials, access to facilities, and conference-related meals, receptions, and entertainment. Presenting companies that do not remit payment by October 6, 2010 may be prohibited from presenting at MID-ATLANTIC BIO. Any expenses related to company-specific booth furnishings, services and equipment must be covered by, and are the sole responsibility of, the presenting company and contracted through. Please contact MID-ATLANTIC BIO at 866-482-7691 if you have any additional needs.

Presenting Company Cancellation Policy

Presenting company fees are non-refundable.

Sponsorship Fees

Mid-Atlantic Bio sponsorship is official once contract is signed.  All fees must be received by MID-ATLANTIC BIO no later than Friday, October 1, 2010 or the sponsorship and connected registrations will be subject to cancellation.  

New sponsorships pledged after this date must be paid within seven days of the commitment or before  the start of the conference, whichever is earlier.   No refunds for sponsorship will be issued.


During the Mid-Atlantic Bio conference, photographs of attendees may be taken at any of the MID-ATLANTIC BIO seminars, luncheons, meetings or off-site functions for possible use by the press or in future MID-ATLANTIC BIO marketing, publications or  website.  No compensation is provided to individuals who appear in the photographs. 

Exhibition Guidelines, Liabilities and Indemnifications

Mid-Atlantic Bio reserves the right to assign and change booth location assignments at any time, as it may in its sole discretion deem necessary or appropriate. No exhibitor may assign, sublet, or apportion the whole or any part of their assigned space. The entities of, MID-ATLANTIC BIO , the Event Site and Exposition Services Company do not maintain and are not responsible for maintaining insurance covering personal injury to attendees, exhibitors or either’s property.

It is the sole responsibility of participants to obtain insurance that covers such damages or losses. The above entities and their employees, agents, volunteers or contractors are not liable or accountable for damage, loss or destruction of the exhibits by reason of fire, theft, accident or any other causes or for accidents to exhibitors, their employees, agents, volunteers or servants.

The exhibitor will be liable to MID-ATLANTIC BIO, the Event Site and Exposition Services Company for any damage done to the building and/or the furniture and fixtures therein that occur through the acts or omissions of the exhibitor, its employees, agents or contractors.

The exhibitor agrees to indemnify, and hold harmless and defend MID-ATLANTIC BIO, the Event Site and Exposition Services Company, and their respective employees, against any liability, claim or expense resulting from injury or damage to any person or property which occurs within the exhibitor’s exhibit space or as the result of any act or omission of the exhibitor, its employees, agents or contractors.

The exhibitor assumes complete responsibility and liability for all loss, damage or destruction of the property of the exhibitor, his/her guests and all property of MID-ATLANTIC BIO , the Event Site and Exposition Services Company used by the exhibitor, or brought upon the Event Site and Exposition Services Company in his/her behalf.

The exhibitor also assumes complete responsibility and liability for all injury to any and all persons or property or in any way connected with the exhibitor’s display caused by the exhibitor’s employees.

The exhibitor indemnifies and agrees to hold harmless MID-ATLANTIC BIO , the Event Site and Exposition Services Company, their members, officers, directors, volunteers and employees against any and all liability whatsoever arising from any of all damage to property or personal injury caused by the exhibitor or his/her agents, representatives, employees or any other person.

Failure to Hold Mid-Atlantic Bio

MIID-ATLANTIC BIO shall not be financially obligated or otherwise committed to refund any submitted fees in the event of the conference being cancelled or deferred on account of damage to the building, strikes, fires, casualties, Acts of God or causes beyond MID-ATLANTIC BIO ’s control.